About Spirit Forge

The 'Spirit Forge' project began in 2018 with founders, Tanga Wanda and Zoe Stevens. The aim of the project is to support young people and adults with well-being and personal development in unique and engaging ways. It has become clear that there is an increasing need to develop ourselves as individuals alongside the ever developing environments we find live in. As our world and technology propel us forward we continuously find ourselves with new obstacles and challenges to overcome.

When we lack positive relationships with our selves, one another and our surroundings, we quickly find ourselves in difficult situations, struggling to navigate these challenges. These situations are diverse but the symptoms are common in the way they are expressed by people. They often present in the form of purposeless, boredom, depression and anxiety.

The resources are often missing to prevent these conditions becoming commonplace in our lives and those of our younger generations until the situations become critical and there is an urgent need for specialist interventions (therapy, counselling etc). At Spirit Forge, we believe that many of these situations can be avoided, and that what is needed is more of a cultural shift, one which involves naturally integrating well-being and character development into our everyday lives in a way which is non invasive, enjoyable and empowering.

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The Team

Tanga Wanda - Co-Founder and Facilitator

Tanga has a background in Philosophy, Hip Hop and Japanese Martial Arts. Since Graduating with a BA from Oxford Brookes University in 2013 he has practiced Philosophy in the community alongside his other specialisms. Working in schools across the UK as a facilitator since 2014, he has delivered P4C (Philosophy for Children), Hip Hop workshops as well as trained other practitioners and teachers, working with numerous charities such as 'The Philosophy Foundation', 'Breakin Convention' and 'The Icarus Trust'.

He has trained in Aikido and Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship) since 2003 under the tutelage of Paul Smith Sensei (6th Dan), receiving his black belt in 2013 and has since taught at Tetsushinkan Dojo in North London. One of the founding members of the Hip Hop Collective Inner Peace Records, Tanga's music is influenced by his practice as a Philosopher and a Martial artist. His experience as an artist is something which pours back into his practice as a facilitator, bringing an element of creativity, insight and play.

Education and Certification

  • Philosophy BA - Oxford Brookes University

  • 2nd Dan - (Aikikai) Aikido & Kashima Shinryu

  • Level 3 Specialist Philosophy Teacher - Philosophy Foundation (2013 - 2018)

  • SAPERE Level 2A Course - Philosophy For Children (P4C)

  • Level 3 ELKLAN - Speech and Language support for 5-11s


Zoe Stevens - Co-Founder and Facilitator

Zoe became a qualified Primary School Teacher in 2013 after graduating from Roehampton University and began her journey at Coldfall Primary School in North London, Haringey. Throughout her years working in schools, she helped to promote critical thinking across all age ranges and in 2016, took part in a Foundation Course in Philosophy for Children (P4C). The learning from her course helped to improve her quality of teaching across the board and her interest in alternative approaches to engaging with children’s development.

In 2017, Zoe began training as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. Whilst working towards completion of this, clients have been adults, teenagers and children. Spirit Forge programmes have been influenced by Zoe’s practice in EFT, shining a vital light on the emotional development aspect of the methodology.

Education and Certification

  • BA Primary Education with QTS – Roehampton University

  • SAPERE Level 1 Foundation Course in Philosophy for Children

  • AAMET- Level 2 Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner