The Method


With the goal of tackling todays mental health crisis at it’s root, we are working with young people to ensure they have an essential inner tool kit. Spirit Forge have devised a unique methodology of character development which works to cultivate the awareness, autonomy and aspiration of the individuals and groups we work with. Delivered using Philosophy, Hip Hop and Japanese Martial Arts, our programmes engage young people through art forms which speak to the parts of them in need of being heard.

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Whether we are aware or not, we all possess our own set of philosophical beliefs- ideas about how the world works, what it consists of and how we should act in it. When the environment provides the correct conditions, people are often happy to share these beliefs with one another and when they do they become aware of how many perspectives exist in addition to their own.

Broadening perspectives through ‘Enquiry’ with the help of careful facilitation provides opportunity for open mindedness and cultivates understanding. Practicing Philosophy also provides the space to shed light on our own internal contradictions such as conflicting beliefs, or behaviours which interfere with our goals. Addressing these, is the first step to knowing ourselves.


Hip Hop

With a growing awareness of our need to talk about difficult life experiences and emotive states, rap continues to act as an ice breaker to bring these subjects to the forefront of our conversations.

Rap, like all art provides us with a way to regulate emotion and it's process functions as a therapeutic tool for many in light of this. 

The accessibility of its simple structure, accompanied by its endless depth and the playful charm of the cypher (rap jam session), make for a creative medium that all can engage in and reap the benefits of.

To perform a rap is to intend to be 'heard'. Performing a personal piece of poetry to music in the presence of an audience of peers, develops confidence and reaffirms a sense of self worth.



In Japanese, the characters 'Bu' and 'Do' mean 'bravery' and 'the path'

With the increased use of technology, we are spending less and less time connecting to our physical selves. When decide to make the effort to reconnect with our bodies, we become more aware of how we behave and react to things which are thrust in our way.

Spirit Forge Budo programmes draw on principles from Aikido and Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship). Both of these traditional forms of Martial Arts place emphasis on developing an awareness of the connection between the mind and body.

Learning through Budo involves working with 'breathing', developing 'softness in the body' and an building awareness of ones 'center of gravity' in relation to its surroundings. These exercises and techniques help ground us, making us better prepared to deal with confrontation and pressure.